Frequently Asked Questions

I want to start a business. Can Cherish Microfinance Bank assist me with a business loan?
I am unable to come to your Head Office as I live out of town. Do you have direct phone lines?
Do I need to come to the branch to apply for a loan as an existing customer?
Do I have to be in paid employment to get your loans?
When my application has been submitted, how will I know if it has been approved.
Can I roll over my savings into a Term Deposit Contract?
What types of products and services are available at Cherish Microfinance Bank?
Must I operate my account for six months in Cherish MFB before I get a loan?
What is Online banking?
Who can use our Online banking?
How much does it cost to get on the Online Banking Platform?
What are the types of transactions that can be performed on the Cherish MFB Online platform?
What infrastructure has to be in place?
How can I get the Online Banking service?
What are the benefits associated with using your Online Banking?
What kind of transfers can i do with Cherish MFB?
What is the minimum fixed deposit amount with Cherish MFB?
What is the minimum tenor?
If I have urgent cash needs, can I liquidate and get my funds?
How can I get my interest?
Can I get my interest upfront?